You must asked yourself these questions before doing MBA


Considering MBA as a career option, you will definitely have the concept of good salary, glamorous job and better position in your mind, while the reality is quite different. While choosing management studies, ask yourself some questions. Thoughtful answers can help guide you in the right direction.

It is a common belief that management graduates of business schools make good money with glamorous careers. Recent CRISIL research reports deny this assumption to be real. According to the report, the salary for a large number of MBA graduates is quite low. Only 1 percent of the 4,500 management institutes of the country are able to live up to the fact that MBA graduates get good money.

It can be quite disheartening if an MBA done by spending huge fees gives such results. In such a situation, do not just choose MBA as a career option, but ask yourself some questions. Thoughtful answers can show you the right direction.


 Why do you want to do MBA?

Sameer Kamat, author of Beyond the MBA Hype: A Guide to Understanding and Surviving B-Schools, says that you will ask yourself or your friends whether they have pursued science, mathematics, commerce, arts or any other subject until graduation. Why should I choose, then the answer of most of them would be that I got good marks in the 10th standard in this subject or because it is what their parents wanted.

Better opportunities, professional growth, corporate jobs and a lot of money can also be the answer to this question. According to Sameer, none of these answers are a good reason for pursuing an MBA. First of all, the identity or skill should be able to give the results of this study. Before reading management, know that.


Will this degree be beneficial?

Vimal Pandey, who is doing MBA in Agriculture, narrates his experience saying that I did MBA in Agriculture thinking that very few students choose this subject, so I will get a job in this field soon, but I was wrong. Most of the students do not pursue MBA in Agriculture because the placements in this field are very less.

Upendra, author of India Land of Billion Entrepreneurs, advising you to avoid this situation, says that before pursuing an MBA in any field, one should find out how much the job prospects are in the field you are pursuing. . Finding job opportunities after admission is not wise.


Do you have work experience?

Sonia, a management professional, says, "I did my MBA in thought marketing without completing my undergraduate studies, whereas I should have done it only after gaining field experience, so that I could understand what happens during work how I can use the degree in troubles and improve the area in which my grip is not strong.

Explaining the solution to this problem, management professor Rajkumar Yadav suggests that you should work for some time in your field before doing MBA so that you can know how you can use MBA studies in the field. Good B-schools expect their students to have work experience in a related field.


Will there be a return on investment?

According to David M. Campbell, author of Do You Really Need an MBA, an MBA degree is like a business investment, so think like an entrepreneur about what you will get from this study. Salary is only one aspect, but career growth, network, business skills and your overall development are other important benefits, which you should get from this education.

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