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 The SAT test is conducted for admission to the undergraduate courses, and the syllabus for this test consists mostly of the same material that you have studied at the school level. There are two types of examination conducted, a subject test and a general test. In subject test, where the student's hold on any one subject is tested, any applicant can give the set general test.

Here we are telling you about the complete exam syllabus of this test, the SAT General Test is more popular among the applicants and we are telling you about the entire exam syllabus of this test because before giving this exam, it is very important to know about.


There are three sections of this exam in which the first is to read and write while the other two are mathematics and essays.


SAT Reading Section

There are a total of 5 passages in this section, around 50-55 multiple choice questions are asked.

65 minutes are given to answer all these questions.

In this section, questions related to history, social science, science are asked.

Questions related to tables, charts, graphs are also asked to check the information of the student.

 A passage asks questions related to US founding documents and the Great Global Conversion in which freedom, justice and human values ​​are discussed.

- Two passages are asked related to science.

-Students have to answer these passages after reading this passage.


SAT Writing and Language Test

- 35 minutes time is given for this section in which 4 passages are given and about 44 questions related to them are asked.

In this section, questions related to career, science, history, social science and humanities are asked.

The nature of the questions in this section is explanatory, reasoning and informative.

Grammar or language mistake has to be corrected in the passage of Standard English conversation.


SAT Mathematics Test

- Applicants are given 80 minutes to solve this section.

-Section consists of 58 questions in total, it also has some sub-sections.

-A calculator is not allowed to be used in the 25-minute section while a calculator can be used in a 55-minute session.

In this section, questions are asked on many topics of mathematics.

Solving Linear Equations and Linear Inequalities, Interpreting Non-Linear Expressions, Solving Quadratic and Exponential Word Troubles, Polynomial Factors and Graphs, Non-Linear Equation Graphs, Linear Equation Graphs, Angles, Arc Length, Linear Function Word Problem , Interpreting Linear Functions, Structures in Expressions, Units, Persistent, Complex Figures, Table Data, Graph Key Points, Data Findings, Center of Distribution, Diffusion and Size, Data Collection and Conclusion, Volume Word Problem, Right Triangle Word Problem , Right trigonal geometries, circles: equations and theorems, etc.


SAT Essay Topics

It is optional but it is also sought for admission in many universities. If you want to participate in this section then you have to pay additional fees.

In this section, students have to write an essay on a passage within 50 minutes.


Essay in different exam of SAT is different but it has some things in common like essay is written keeping in mind large group of people. A point is debated in this. To prove your point you have to give arguments and examples etc.


SAT Exam Preparation Tips

Fix your grammar- In most part of this test, questions related to grammar are asked, so pay more attention to your grammar.

Strengthen the mind calculator- There is also a section in this exam where you are not allowed to use the calculator, in such a way your brain calculator works, so strengthen your mind calculator.

Strengthen your weaknesses - No one can back you in the section where you are strong, but the section where you are weak needs to be strengthened. Identify and work on your weaknesses.

Find the best study material - If you go to find the study material of SAT exam, you will find many study materials in the market but these are not of any use, so do a little research and find the best study material.

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