How do I prepare for LSAT | How to get good score on LSAT

 How do I prepare for LSAT?

1. You must be familiarize with the test

Become familiar with the types of questions on LSAT. The best place to start is because LSAC is the creator of the test. For an overview of the test trip about LSAT. After you read the overview, review the sample questions with an explanation of LSAT preparation.

2. Take the LSAT practice test on a schedule

The free practice test from LSAC is available for free here. While many students get nervous before practicing LSAT before they have started preparing, it is important to set a baseline score to ensure that you are improving with practice. If you take a practice test and do well enough, you can target the question which answer you know very well and try to maximize your score. Use your score as a motivation to get started.

3. Develop a study plan

Reflect on how you learn and make a plan for preparing for LSAT. Are you good at time management and feel that you can make a self-study program and stick to it? Do you learn best by listening to information, reading information, writing information or a combination of these?

Self study:

Many students successfully study for the LSAT on their own using preparation books (see below for a list of commercial vendors who publish LSAT prep books) and practice tests. This option requires strong time management skills and the ability to learn from reading and practice. Check to see if the library (Penn State or Local) has such preparation books that you can use or review before you decide to invest in your course of study.

Then add additional prepests (previous LSAT exams that have been issued by LSAC). The more practice completes you, the less surprising questions you'll find on LSAT. Be sure to review the full exams in detail, both the questions you have wrong and the questions you have answered correctly. It is important to understand each question and why each answer option is true or false. Continue the time-bound practice exams during your studies to complete your improvement. If you are not making progress, find an alternative study strategy, including preparation courses.

Consider joining or forming an LSAT study group. Sometimes it is very useful to review questions with other students, especially if you can find other student with strengths that are different from you.

Preparation Course:

A sample list of some commercial LSAT courses is available below. This list is not exhaustive but is intended to help you research professional LSAT course options..

Kaplan Test Preparation

Princeton Review

Blueprint LSAT Prep

Manhattan preparation


Manhattan preparation

Princeton Review


Manhattan preparation




4. Research the various preparation courses available. Most commercial vendors offer different courses with different hours and methods of instruction. Then, determine how you learn and be honest with yourself about time management skills. If the seller offers a free sample course on-line, take it to learn more about the course. Ask if the company has an exemption for Penn State students, as many do. After completion of your research, decide which course is best for you and your budget, then start practicing on it!


* Some law schools now accept the GRE as an alternative to LSAT. For more information about the test visit and which schools will accept it.

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