Should we take a Commercial Preparation Course for LSAT?

<h3>Should we take a Commercial Preparation Course for LSAT?</h3>

This is the (approximately) $ 2000 question. The decision of taking a commercial prep course is a personal decision. These courses are not a prerequisite for a good performance on the LSAT, nor do they guarantee a higher score than preparation on their own. Courses are very expensive and the quality of education can be uneven. If you are considering taking one of these courses, be sure to talk to people who have already done the same course at the same place, and preferably from the same instructor. However, remember that not every student has the same study skills, so the experience of another person is only relevant if you are sure that you have similar working habits.


Also remember that business preparation companies are in the business of making money. Alternatively, less expensive, preparation tools are available - including a free Khan Academy prep course in collaboration with LSAC, and on its own. Be skeptical of any course that makes exceptional claims about its ability to raise your score. Although most courses "guarantee" a high score at the end of class, you should feel that this is a very easy claim to make - even with the most minimal instruction; your score will be lower than your clinical trial. There is a possibility of going above the score. Also, the guarantee does not usually give you your money back, just the right to finish the course.

The best that commercial courses do is providing you with the structure and accountability to do work that you cannot do on your own. Depending on the format, they may also provide an instructor with whom you can ask personal questions, and from whom you can receive personal feedback and recommendations based on your practice tests (in general, more than one with one Time availability instructor emphasizes a higher cost). They can also boost your confidence so that you can relax more while taking the exam. Finally, the decision about commercial submission courses depends on what you know about your own learning style and conditions that will help you prepare (as well as what you have paid for the course. You have enough available resources to do the same).

Offering a wide range of online, webinar-based, video-based etc. products, there are a large number of commercial LSAT offering companies, think carefully about your own learning style and work best for you. Have done You choose from these options as in the past. UMass Pre-Law Advising does not make recommendations specifically for (or against) prep companies.

If you take a course, remember that just showing (or watching) classes will not be enough. If you want to improve your score, expect to spend significant time outside of classes.

Lastly, you should be aware that some submission companies offer fee waivers to applicants who qualify for the LSAC fee waiver. A full list of companies that do so can be found on LSAC's LHOB. In addition, some companies offer scholarships (exemptions) to students who receive financial aid in college - but most do not advertise this fact. So be sure to ask!

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