Very useful tips for the preparation of LSAT


How will the test be?

 The LSAT Test consists of 5 multiple choice parts out of which four are categorized:

• Reading comprehension questions (1 part)

• Analytical reasoning question (1 part)

• Logical Reasoning Questions (2 part)

Very useful tips for the preparation of LSAT
 An additional part is one of these 3 types, but is not created because it is an experimental exam question part to try out new questions used by LSAC. While you will know clearly what kind of section the experiment was in (because there will be an additional section of that type), you will not know which one is unsafe.

 The online LSAT-Flex (which LSAC has rolled out in response to the COVID epidemic) includes just three sections, one for each type. All are weighed equally.

LSAC will indicate when you register whether the exam will be LSAT-Flex online or the traditional in-person exam.

 Different from the main test, you must complete your own time and a indicated writing sample on the computer. There is no score for this essay question and serves only as a writing sample. It is sent to the law schools you have implemented. Additional details about the logistics of writing samples can be found here.

 LSAT has been fully digital in America after 2019. You will have 35 minutes to complete each of the many choice classes. With breaks and administration time, the entire process can take up to four hours. You will use your PC with downloaded proctoring software in a quiet place, if your test date enters the online LSAT-Flex version. 

 How should we prepare for the LSAT?

The declared purpose of the LSAT is to determine how well you have developed the skills to study law. Law school depends on your score, how well you will do in your first year in law school and finally on the bar exam.

LSAT tests you not on a specific body of knowledge but on your logical ability to read and understand complex content, analyze information logically, and perform well in a timely, stressful situation. These should be skills you have developed in your undergraduate career, but you will need to learn how to apply those skills to the LSAT's special question format.

For preparation of LSAT Test, it is necessary to spend at least four to six  hours a week at least three to four months before the exam date. Think of your prep time with the equivalent of the amount of work you want to do for a challenging 4-credit course, in which you want to do as good a job as possible. The most important things you can do to prepare for LSAT are:

 • Review test formats, instructions, and question types. when you take the test,  it should look very familiar to you.

 • To familiarize yourself with the various types of questions, you must Work through sample questions and explanations.

 • Review at least one set of commercial preparation materials for a strategy critical to arriving at problems, especially so-called "logic games".

 • Get copies of the LSAT already administered — a limited number of free digital practice exams from LSAC are available online through their "LOBH", while books on paper tests are available in many book store offline and online; A handful are also available in the DuBois Library. There are various collections of older tests, some with answers, and others with answers and explanations. A timer is used  to simulate test conditions, working through a complete test. Try to do more practice tests as you can.

 • Go through each practice test to understand which questions you got wrong, why you misunderstood them, and how to get similar questions better in the future. This is the most important part of your presentation, and you should allow significant time for it. This is where you will get the most benefit on test day.

 • Prepare yourself physically and mentally on the day of the test. Do not try to cram before night. Get plenty of sleep! And don't forget to have breakfast.

 • Do not exclude yourself from doing well on tests. Always aim for a high score in the test and then prepare accordingly to get good result. There is every reason to believe that you can do well in this exam.

 If you spend more time to practice the previous test papers, you will familiarize yourself very good with the test format and it will also improve your analytical and reasoning skills. This will improve your test score.

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