How to get full ride scholarship for MBA in USA?


Applying for an international student scholarship:

One of the biggest mistakes most students make is to consider scholarship deadlines and admission deadlines and think about applying for a scholarship with an admission packet. In all actuality, this is not true all the time. The two are different and you have to apply for scholarship prematurely.

Every scholarship is different and you must first meet the requirements:

There are plenty of scholarships available and everything has its own requirements. The list below is a general approach of the scholarship committee to decide. Each scholarship has a set of specific requirements and you have to meet them to get the scholarship. Now make it clear with an example, if a person applying for a 1st generation college student scholarship where he is the 1st person in his family to go to college to get a MBA degree", it is necessary that he receive the scholarship must be a 1st generation college student, if he is not meet this requirement then he cannot even apply for scholarship. Once he meets the requirement they will see additional qualifications and proof as below. The first thing when you look at the scholarship is "make sure you are eligible for the scholarship". As a prospective student your goal is to search the University Financial Aid Office to find the right scholarship for you.


Percentage for 10th, 11th and 12th grade marks or scholarship:

There is a myth among students that American universities consider 10th, 11th, and 12th grade marks or percentages to decide admissions and scholarships. But that is not true. Most American universities consider only any bachelor's degree or B.Tech  percentage. They look at your performance in recent degrees. Some universities ask for 11th and 12th grade marks, but very few of them consider it for decision making. Think about logic: 4-6 years ago when you were not mature enough, what does it mean to judge you. or Scholarship Percentage for Scholarships to study in the US:

Academics are very important for scholarship decision making. Sometimes applicants are not good with standardized tests like GMAT or GRE. For such applicants, it would be a drawback. So, good weightage is given for acads. They see it as "If a student has an excellent proven record in the last four years of graduation, he is competitive." It proves to have a good percentage and a good overall percentage over all four years. Acads are important but they are not the only tie breaker. The application is always looked at overall to judge any award of scholarship.


GRE / GMAT / TOEFL score to get scholarship for MBA:

GRE / GMAT and TOEFL scores are important for scholarship decisions. But they are not necessarily tie breakers. Some students perform very well at standardized tests and some are perform very badly. If you have good pads, and a low GRE score, this is a very typical situation. If your score is good then it is good. But, having fewer marks will not mean you will not get scholarship. Always, having a high GMAT or GRE score will increase your chances of being a tie-breaker between you and others.


Leadership and Volunteering:

Leadership skills and volunteering are heavily weighted for scholarship decisions. A specific leadership skill will serve as a chairman or executive board for an academic or social organization in your undergraduate. Volunteers can include any type of social service that you do for the good of society. These are very much important as scholarship endowments are usually created to encourage students who have good ideals for society to play a leadership role and help others and the community succeeds. Therefore, being part or volunteering of a social or educational organization in is important and you must include all these certifications if you cite your experiences in any or at least scholarship essays. This is what sets you apart from those who only have a high GRE score and a high academic percentage.


Achievements, Publications and Recognitions:

Any achievements, publications or recognitions are very important for scholarship. If you have a wide variety of achievements like first rank, essay competitions, paper publications in class, then having awards in various competitions, it helps to make your scholarship application more robust. What sets you apart from others is that you have special skills in addition to ACADS, GRE or TOEFL. If you have been recognized and helped the college in your college or society for any good reason or achievement of any kind, it adds value to your application. Ensure that you have documents with any type of proof available with the application.


Purpose of scholarship essay or statement:

Most scholarships ask you to write an essay asking "why they should give you a scholarship and explain your goals, etc. as well as your situation or story". Essay is the most important thing on your scholarship packet. You have to be genuine in your idea and explain why you deserve a scholarship. It should show its passion and explain its skills and make a plan to meet its goal. It should explain how scholarship can make a difference and make your journey a success. If they are just asking for a statement of purpose, then you have to focus on what you have to achieve and how you want to accomplish. Never try to copy and paste anything from other sources. Try to read others and come up with your own ideas and write your story and goals. Bottom line, your essay or SOP should be good and it should show your enthusiasm for succeeding and how you want to reach your goals and what it means to you and your family and society.


Letters of recommendation affect obtaining a scholarship to study in the US:

Sometimes, scholarship applications ask professors or anyone you report for letters of recommendation from you. It is your goal to go to a good person who knows you well and can give you a good recommendation. The recommendation should tell the committee about your educational, leadership and other skills and how the recommendor will let you know through all the activities. As I said, it depends on the type of scholarship you are applying for. Some ask for this, some do not. If they ask, get good recommendations. Recommendations are very important for scholarships and can be tie-breakers.


Summary for getting scholarship for MBA:

Some have good GRE scores, some have good Acad, some have good leadership skills, and some have good goals in Essays etc. The point is that not everyone is correct and the scholarship committee looks at your scholarship application for MBA as a whole. And a decision comes. As always, the scholarship you are going to determine what they are looking for. You have to read and require the requirements and present yourself accordingly. Try to present your strengths very well and offcourse, then you will be rewarded.

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