Jobs and Opportunities after MBA from USA

Today I am going to discuss about MBA in USA.

What kind of opportunities you can expect once you graduate with an mba degree?

What kind of salary you can expect?

What kind of immigration issues you have if you're an immigrant?

So these are the things i'm going to talk today. 

What kind of MBA is you can actually pursue?

The types of MBA’s are MBA in finance, MBA in Marketing, MBA in human resources MBA in business analytics, MBA in supply chain management (it's one of the really growing fields right now), MBA in project management. These are the few types of MBAs you can do.


Jobs and Opportunities after MBA from USA

What kind of universities you should go to?  Does it really matter which university you graduate from and my answer to that question would be yes. For example when you graduate from top 10 universities such as Stanford,  michigan ross business school university of Chicago, harvard university schools,  the kind of opportunities you will be getting most people will not get them because  some of the companies don't even entertain people from lower class universities into these jobs.

So you should expect greater better opportunities when you graduate from high rank schools and universities.


Let’s talk about immigration issues.  Understand one thing MBA is actually not a stem degree so a stem degree is something like masters of Science. Like stem means science and technology, engineering and mathematics so if your degree is one of these four things you can expect three years of working time after you graduate.

For example if you graduate with a master's in civil engineering, you can expect three years of stem period. You get a chance to work three years and these three years you can get your h1b stamped.

But In case of MBA, MBA is not a stem degree so you only get one year of curriculum practical training. You know so opt which is optional practical training which you can work for one year so you have only one year.

One opportunity to get your h1b stamped that is one of the most biggest drawback i feel about this kind of degree is if you are an immigrant so i'll get into a layer of pad where which if i really recommend an MBA for you if you're an immigrant.

How long is this course? This course depends upon the university usually about two years or 21 months. Some universities have about 12 classes which is 36 credits some universities have 48 credits depending upon the curriculum.  I would choose the university you want to go to i would choose a shorter term might as well graduate faster and get into your job that's where you can earn most of the experience. I really recommend an MBA degree.

If you're an immigrant student then I wouldn't suggest doing an MBA because understand one thing you only have one opportunity to get your h1b accepted as an international student if your goal is to stay in America and pursue your career here I would suggest do a master's of science degree.


For example i'm pursuing a master's of science in project management when i completed this if I wanted to I can check take three years of opt time frame and get my h1b visas like stamped in one of those three years.

So you have more apart you do that there are other courses like master science and finance so find out universities which kind of offer these kinds of programs. There are a lot of universities that does you'll have to do some research in that so when you do that you can actually find three years of time where you can get your h1b accepted.

I would suggest MBA if you're an immigrant as your second degree in USA so once you have your masters in science master of finance whatever it is after two three years working in your industry you can if you need if you feel like you have a need for an MBA.

A proper MBA you can do that but a masters of science and finance is no less than an MBA in finance.  It’s almost same in my opinion.  So it really doesn't matter from my perspective.  I would rather do an masters of finance degree than an MBA degree.

If you're looking to do MBA as your second degree in America I would highly suggest go for it because it adds a lot of value to you. If you feel like you're stuck in your job, you don't have much opportunity to get ahead in life; an MBA degree can make some changes to you.

It's basically a chance for you to build your network go back to school learn few new things, polish your skills and you can get new jobs after that. You know you can be a renewed person again. 

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