List of the highest paying MBA concentrations

List of the highest paying MBA concentrations

It is fact that students can improve their career prospects by getting a specialized MBA concentration and this is also true that this degree doesn’t guarantee a high salary immediately after completing MBA. We can see that the high paying positions in any industry require relevant professional working experience. However, the MBA degree can bring students on the way to top positions in the industry


Here we are providing the list of the highest paying MBA concentrations


It is one of the most popular, common and top-paying MBA concentrations. In this concentration, students learn advanced business concepts. Students are preparing for planning and making decision for the benefit of the company.  In this MBA concentration, Students learn major business concepts such as marketing, organizational management, Finance, economics and business ethics. Candidates who specialize in management can hold the highest position of an organization.



This MBA concentration is very suitable for those students who are interested in starting their own business. The skills of entrepreneurship is also use to expand existing business and also in other organizations. Students learn to plan how to start new business in this concentration.  Innovative business idea with proper planning is the key component of this MBA program. Due to the inherent unpredictability of starting new business enterprise, Salary expectations can vary more than other concentrations for entrepreneurship MBAs.



A main section of any business, finance position is high among all MBA concentrations for its broad significance and high salary potential.In this concentration, students learns how to take financial decision to ensure that organization runs on profit. Students must enhance their skills in financial planning and analysis. An MBA in Finance concentration covers topics such as accounting, taxation, budgeting, economics etc.


Every company depends upon marketing to raise consumer awareness of their product or services and generate interest in their brand. There are various forms of marketing like advertising, public relations, social media, market research and promotional strategies. The main job of marketing managers is to develop the effectiveness of marketing strategies. Students of MBA in Marketing learn marketing topics like advertising and public relations.


Information Technology

Information technology covers most aspects of modern and latest business, which creates a high demand for technology manager who can look after companies’ computing strategies. Students learn modern computing concepts in this MBA concentration and use these skills into business operations. Students also learn information security, software architecture and network administration in this concentration. Students can hold the of mid and high level managerial positions after completing their education in MBA in information technology.


Human Resources

Through effective workplace policies and systems, Human Resources managers ensure employee satisfaction and productivity within organization. It is the responsibility of HR managers to develop HR strategy like pay and benefits systems, employee hiring procedures, Performance report of the employees. There is a need of HR managers in almost every type of Industry.


Healthcare Management

Due to the rapid growth of the healthcare sector, the demand of healthcare managers is significantly increase  so the students who are study this concentration can expect good job prospects.In this MBA concentration, students cover topics like health finance, healthcare informatics and healthcare law. Both general business issues (Finance & Marketing)  and specialized industry concerns (Hospital operations & Insurance billing) are studied in this concentration.

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