Top 05 Universities for MBA in UK with fees, Rank, Salaries


Today we going to discuss some super interesting facts about studying and pursuing an MBA in the United Kingdom (UK). You must know things like which universities you can go to, where they are how much their cost.

Doing an MBA in United Kingdom (UK) means you can ensure a very good quality education for yourself and making yourself a better candidate for a job.


Top 05 Universities for MBA in UK with fees, Rank, Salaries

Literally anywhere in the world there's a list of UK University, universities that offer numerous MBA programs in every discipline. It's really easy to find the program you are interested in that also matches your career goals and your aspirations.


The United Kingdom has more than 25 universities that rank among the top 200 MBA institutes worldwide. At number one we have the very famous school and it needs no introduction. The London Business School’s ranking fourth on the global MBA rankings.

It won't be wrong to say that London Business School is one of the best places to study business for any overseas student striving to complete their MBA in the UK.  Getting enrolled in the London Business School is a dream come true.


Besides offering a regular MBA, London Business School also offers executive MBAs that you can also pursue in the campus at Shanghai at New York and even at Hong Kong.

The tuition fees for a 2021 MBA program would be some around hundred thousand dollars including the expenses of traveling and accommodation.

Now London Business Schools also has this one-week international trip for students plan so that's definitely a pro for all the travelers out there.



The most important question is what is the average salary? We are looking at a  $1000 USD per annum. Next we have the said business school is a part of the University of Finland and the best thing about this Business School is its full-time 1 year MBA program.


It has a solid 91 percent employment rate. The school was founded over twenty four years ago and it is become one of the most leading business Institute's for the past couple of years.


The major attraction for overseas education is its price and its affiliation with Oxford. The Financial Times has ranked its MBA at about 13th ranked in the world and second in UK.


Now trailing behind only London Business School this is definitely not a college that you should miss. The average tuition fees for MBA programs for international students are somewhere around 70 to 80 thousand dollars and the average salary that we're looking at are at about 92 thousand dollars.


At number three we have the Imperial College Business School. If you are looking for an MBA in the UK from a business school that caters to students with undergrads in non-financial disciplines, you should definitely consider the Imperial College Business School.


It provides many programs that cover fields such as health,  economics,  data science,  financial analysis,  technology and so much more.

It also has a great option for international students who are already working in the UK. The two year Executive MBA and the weekend MBA here are very good options.  The Imperial College Business School also impresses with its great ranking and by that I mean according to the Q s global ranking they put it at the 28th rank worldwide.


The two fees for full-time or executive MBAs can range between 60 to 70 thousand dollars. The average salary for students passing out of this college is about 82,000.


Number four we have the very prestigious Institute judge Business School. This Institute is associated with the University of Cambridge. The college was founded in 1990 and named after its founding benefactor.


The Business School has a really high admission standard and only inducts 200 students in its full-time MBA program. This MBA program is for about 12 months and apart from this the school also offers an Executive MBA program for professionals.

The Cambridge MBA programs emphasize the practical application of business concepts by collaboration with top corporations such as Apple, IBM, and JPMorgan. The tuition fee for masters programs here is at about 70 to 80 thousand dollars and if you're looking at the Salary, it is about one hundred and twenty-two thousand dollars USD.


Number five we have the Warwick Business College. The Warwick Business College is actually an academic extension of the Warwick University's Faculty of Social Sciences.

It offers undergraduate postgraduate and even PhD programs. However its one-year MBA has a worldwide reputation. Most of its MBA programs include international travel and in-depth education of business concepts. In Q s business rankings, the college ranks at about thirty fourth rank worldwide. The MBA fee at Warwick Business School is at about fifty to sixty thousand dollars and if you're looking at the average salary that is it about ninety two thousand dollars USD.

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