MBA programs come in a variety of formats. If you have set your sights on doing an MBA, you can choose from a variety of MBA programs. Selecting the accurate MBA program format will depend on your professional goals, your recent profile and the quantity of time you devote in your MBA.

Before we take a look at different types of MBA programs, let us understand what an MBA is and why do people want an MBA degree?

The MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a globally recognized degree designed to develop and increase the skills required for a progressive career in business and management.


Why do people want an MBA degree?

Gain new knowledge and skills

Change career

Advance your current career

Connect with a strong network of professionals

You may want to get promoted in your current organization or prepare for a new opportunity in a different company. An MBA degree is a powerful way to demonstrate that you have the experience and knowledge to bring it to a new position.

An MBA is worth it for people with bachelor's degrees who want to work in leadership roles or start a new business. The various MBA types provide a solid base of business and leadership knowledge and provide experiential learning opportunities with experienced professors and other students obtaining various MBA degrees.


What are the different types of MBA programs?

Common types of MBA programs that you may have heard of are the following:

Full time MBA

The full-time MBA includes a full course load, similar to a bachelor's degree.

Part time MBA

Part-time MBAs usually do evening classes so that students can maintain a day job.

Online mba

An online MBA allows students to create their own schedule while studying from home.

Executive MBA (EMBA)

An Executive MBA is well suited for experienced professionals who want to add a credential in their profile reflecting the credibility of their business and help in the growth of their career.

Global MBA

A global MBA is suitable for studying with high caliber, experienced students and faculty to gain a worldwide perspective to their work in business and leadership.

One of the biggest differences among these MBA types is how long they take during each semester and how busy MBA students are.


How is it great to get a degree in different MBA programs?

In general, it takes one to four academic years to earn an MBA, depending on the different types of MBA programs. The full-time MBA program may take only one year. A part-time program may be over three or four-year courses. An Executive MBA or online MBA program will take about two years, requiring you to focus on the top of your normal work and life schedule. Online, some MBA programs allow you to choose how heavy or light your course load is, but will also determine how long it will take you to complete the degree - the fewer courses you take each semester, the more semesters you have. Will pass To take the course.


3 Essential Types of MBA Programs

Apart from time and place, another way of analyzing the diversity of MBA types is to examine the concentrations of different MBA degrees. Some MBA concentrations you can find include:


Bussiness Administration

E-Business / E-Commerce




Global Management

Human Resource Management

Information Systems



Operations Management

Strategic / Risk Management

Technology Management


When it comes to choosing a concentration for various MBA degrees, three of these represent a large number of jobs in different types of industries:

1. Entrepreneurship

2. Finance

3. Leadership


An entrepreneurship concentration MBA includes studies on situation analysis, prototyping, ideation, market introduction, concept development and identification of core competencies. MBA entrepreneurship students learn to work together to take the advantage of market opportunities. They try their best to turn business ideas into reality by taking risk before launching new products or services.


The Finance Concentration MBA type focuses on the financial aspects of business such as accounting, investment theory and practice, portfolio management, and international finance.


How much money can you earn with a diverse MBA?

Getting a business administration degree increases your chances of getting a higher salary at your current company and helping you out for opportunities with other companies.

In a survey of people holding varying MBA degrees, the data shows that people who work in management earn $ 146,000 annually in the middle of their career (after graduating about 15 years or more) .

It is not enough to just do an MBA; Concentration types of MBA degrees, too. MBA-holders who have focused on finance, economics, accounting, entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, and management can potentially double their income - another reason to consider concentration in entrepreneurship, finance or leadership.

 MBA graduates who majored in strategy enjoy initial earnings of $ 96,200 annually, while for HR majors it is only $ 48,400.


What type of MBA degree program is best suited for you?

The best types of MBA degrees are from high-grade schools and experienced faculty and staff, who have helped many students, earn degrees and enhance their careers.

All students, including you, must decide what is most important to you:

Working full-time while attending MBA classes

Stopping work and other life responsibilities to go to full-time school

How soon do you want to get your MBA degree?

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