How can an MBA make better entrepreneurs?


An MBA is a management degree that can take you to places where a corporate career is concerned. Your MBA expertise, skills, qualifications and quality of work will determine how far and fast you will climb the corporate ladder. However, if you plan to become an entrepreneur, then you should know that entrepreneurship is an entirely new ballgame.


How can an MBA make better entrepreneurs?

An MBA within a corporate structure or if your graduates are in a non-business related discipline and you are looking for leadership advancement opportunities. MBAs provide great networking opportunities and create new experiences. Most MBA programs give investors the opportunity to start a company and sometimes external resources as your capstone project. I had an undergraduate business. I once considered an MBA program and maybe one day I will revisit it. Friends I have talked to, who tell the MBA that it helps to remove invisible glass floors that you may come up against against your career. However, MBA should not define you nor should you. I mostly think that what happens to you in life depends on your intentions, and how you can apply what you know to real world problems.


If you look at famous entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Ma and the likes, you will find that they have made their place in this world solely with their potential and not through degrees. Therefore, any degree, not only an MBA, does not in any way guarantee success for you as an entrepreneur; However, this is not a bad idea as it gets added to your resume. However, can any degree surpass experience?


The truth here is that experience tramples everything and is your greatest asset to your achievements. Therefore, an experienced entrepreneur is better than a formal MBA entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is all about taking risks, constantly working on your product, constantly optimizing your strategy for better consistency and scalability and last but not least, fail but fail better! However, regardless of whether or not the CEO has an MBA degree, hundreds and thousands of MBAs are working for the organization and contributing to its growth and success.


How an MBA can make someone a better entrepreneur

When you do not have experience, you must have knowledge. In most MBA courses, you get to study historical business cases and understand the factors of success and failure, business models and financial aspects, various problems, their analysis and possible solutions.


Know Before You Go - It is always a better idea to know everything before you start. Just as your business idea needs validation and optimization before it can be marketed, you should be aware of all aspects of entrepreneurship before setting up and starting a startup. The only way to know if the best possible is through an appropriate curriculum that is designed to make MBA entrepreneurs. You will understand about customer segments, channels, networks, cost management, resource management and various aspects that help in the success of a business.


Putting in the Right Mindset - MBA is designed to get you in the best mindset to become an entrepreneur. When you go out and start your venture, the best skill in its course is that you have to become a successful entrepreneur. Subjects will help you think differently, see things that other people cannot see and see problems in the best possible way. You are more likely to come up with innovative solutions and ideas. You will be able to develop skills to communicate better, analyze problems and accurately analyze risks, create effective strategies, and work with teams of any size.


Going through a proper entrepreneurship framework in an MBA course ensures that you know all aspects of entrepreneurship from technicalities to practicality. Starting with different current business models, frameworks, company building processes, resource management, and even marketing skills, an MBA comes as a complete package. You get those reputable case studies to get more information on startups, their success and failure factors. To start a company from scratch you will gain more confidence than developing skills all around. Most importantly, you will be in a competitive environment of good peers that will promote your internal capabilities to improve and grow.


Gaining experience there is already plenty of scope for an MBA degree aspiring entrepreneurship. Existing startups are ready to take them and therefore, you are going to get a big platform for a startup company to come to a big position and test your knowledge in real life. You can also do this experiment and gain confidence that you can do it on your own. It will help you optimize your knowledge, understand the real-life aspect of handling resources and customers, deal with real-life problems and risks, and come up with innovative solutions by applying the knowledge you gain.

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