How do get an MBA scholarship in a top B school?

Business schools are known to bridge the gap from a normal person to being a good professional. Every student wishes to get a degree from the best B-schools. And in India, there are many colleges that can help bridge the gap of turning students into professionals.

First and foremost, if a business school gives you a scholarship, you immediately become a high investment for them.

All the top business schools around the world prefer to accept MBA applicants who are not only qualified, but also desirable due to their outstanding records. This is logical, as such students have strong academic records, with the potential to perform well in MBA and beyond.

How do get an MBA scholarship in a top B school?

If you are good in any field, it is active in academics, or extra-curricular activities, or community experience, then it can give you an edge in getting a good scholarship. You can highlight these aspects through MBA application essay. However, ultimately, the allocation of scholarship funds depends on the value that a student is likely to bring to college. For example, an MBA applicant is more likely to receive a scholarship if his or her skill-set, professional network or diverse work experience can add some real value to the overall state of the college.

One of the most straightforward ways to obtain a scholarship is scoring well in achieving the GMAT exam and / or a high GPA. The reason behind this reasoning lies in the fact that students with higher GMAT or GPA scores increase the MBA ranking of a business school!

But you already knew this, this is not new information. However, this does not mean that you could kiss the Ivy League bye if you could not score in the Percentile 99 in the GMAT.

Sometimes, a business school focuses on obtaining a mixed pool of MBA applicants. This inspires them to search for potential students from unique backgrounds. Diversity suits the selection process of business schools and makes them more acceptable.

Business schools will form a class with people who can contribute to healthy discussion, who have scored a score of 800 on their GMAT test. This becomes more fruitful when the class includes people from diverse professional or cultural backgrounds. International students add value based on their lived experience and knowledge of a different economic landscape. All these factors together create a better and valuable learning environment, which is well reflected in business school. This is the case for vocational schools such as NYU-Stern, which have a constitution pool of approximately 39% international students.


A good score can help, but does not guarantee a scholarship

It has often been marked that students who have low GMAT scores have still managed to secure a seat in top business schools with scholarships. How is that possible?

Well, many factors come into play to make this possible. For example, sometimes, in vocational schools where gender equality is low, female MBA applicants may be given incentives or preference to balance the mix. Other times, MBA applicants who have a rich experiential background are rewarded with a scholarship despite a low score. This is evidence that work experience may be a different factor in MBA admission.

Scholarships are awarded only after a lot of thought and deliberation, with the best profiles and most likely for most students. However, it is also a fact that students belonging to a place or country, who are not adequately represented in a vocational school, may get a certain preference if their MBA application is strong.

Top schools such as Harvard Business School also provide financial support to students who want to make a difference and work in developing regions such as South America or Africa. There are indications that a person with leadership potential is eager to work towards the development of such areas, gaining weight, because there is a real need for this. If a top business school has alumni who are leaders in such fields, it will add to the business school's reputation and MBA ranking, becoming the best MBA applicant in the future and likely to have more funding. All these factors are considered before awarding the scholarship.

Therefore, contributions, experience, nationality, and a good service record are some things that can make a difference of a mile when it comes to scholarship applications.

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