Scholarship for Indian students in USA for MBA


MBA for Indian students in USA

When applying for an MBA in the USA, Applicants should be aware that the fees are relatively high compared to what they are paying in India. The aim should be to find good schools with low tuition fees or scholarships. The tuition fee for an MBA in the United States will vary for private and state schools. The cost of an MBA in the USA for Indian students in private schools will be costlier than in state schools.


Scholarship for Indian students in USA for MBA

State schools are capitalized by the state and provide state grants to students. Research funds are provided for state schools. For private schools, the fee for one semester depends on enrollment status. Therefore for Indian and international students, full-time status is measured and specified by the school, and can vary from nine credits to 12 credits. Apart from MBA fees in USA for Indian students, candidates should consider the following aspects before taking admission in American universities.


Examination fee for admission (NEET / MCAT)

Language Proficiency Examination Fee (IELTS / TOEFL)





The estimated MBA fee in the United States for Indian students is approximately 30.000 USD to 60,000 USD per year for state schools. While private school tuition fees are very high, about 65,000 USD to 10.000 USD per year. Candidates desirous of saving money can apply for the scholarship provided by the respective universities. In addition, student loans are available and can be selected on the basis that all previous requirements have been met.


Discrete banks will have different or different rules regarding their student loan policies. However, international students in the US have the option of joining part-time jobs, who are more willing to be on campus, allowing them to handle their daily living expenses for a day during their stay in the USA.


Scholarship for Indian students in USA for MBA

An MBA in the United States will help you increase your career opportunities, complete a higher salary and a career shift, provided you choose the right school. The bottom line is that you have to plan your finance options much earlier. The top business schools in the United States offer scholarships to Indian and international students. The candidates should have a clear vision of the scholarship. Listed below are some liberal colleges offering MBA scholarships for Indian students in USA.

Harvard MBA Scholarship:

Harvard provides Indian and international students with a need-based scholarship based on various backgrounds. A candidate can draw up to $ 34,000 per year. About 50% of students who make their way into the Harvard MBA receive scholarships or financial aid. They help students with other options such as special interest fellowships.


Wharton Fellowship Program

The MBA at Wharton provides its international students with various fellowship programs. They offer fellowships to students from different economic countries and backgrounds. The essential criteria for obtaining the fellowship are strong academic grade record, strong command with leadership quality, professional enrichment and exemplary personal qualities.


Stanford GSB Financial Support for International Students:

Stanford GSB Financial Aid is a fellowship offered exclusively to Indian students by Reliance Dhirubhai. This prestigious fellowship is a financial aid awarded for tuition fees each year for five Indian students with exemplary academic records. Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows receive around 5150,000 in total.


Columbia Business School Scholarship

Columbia Business School provides candidates with need-based scholarships. Need-based scholarships are partial-tuition scholarships offered to deserving candidates, which include both India and international candidates with an outstanding academic record. Columbia 8-School also provides candidates with merit scholarships, which will have specific criteria specified by the donor. To avail the merit scholarship, a candidate must enroll for a full-time MBA program. Scholarship amounts for a need-based scholarship range from $ 7,500 to $ 30,000. Whereas the GMAT score obtained by the merit-based candidate, considering work-experience, future goals, etc., is presented by the Admissions Office.


Chicago Booth MBA Scholarship:

The Chicago Business School is one of the MBA colleges in the United States for Indian students offering a specific scholarship scheme since 2014 for Indian students. Below are scholarships offered by the Chicago Business School for Indian and International students.


• Merit-based scholarships are offered to promising students. The offer depends on the application form submitted by the candidate and will be validated by the Admissions Office. All the candidates are selected on the basis of their educational qualification and performance during the interview. • Global Innovator Fellowship is offered to students with strong ambitions and a passion to achieve unique goals in the world. The intake of this fellowship is entirely based on the application form provided by the candidate.


The Chicago Business School offers some other generous scholarships such as "The India Trust Fellowship" specifically for those living and working in India. Akhtarli H. The Tobacchanela Fellowship is exclusively for students from India. Zones Fellowships are awarded to both Indian and international students from developing economies. Canfield Private Equity Fellowship for people with prior work experience in private equity or any investment banks. Forte's Foundation fellowship program includes full tuition fees and a stipend of $ 25,000 per year.


MIT Sloan MBA Scholarship:

MIT Sloan Business School also provides grants to Indian and international students with several generous funding aids. Some of the notable scholarships are McKinsey Award, Dean's Fellowship, Fulbright Grant Nippon Foundation International Fellowship, Legatum Fellowship, and MIT Sloan Social Impact Fellowship.


McCombs Scholarship and Fellowship:

McCombs grants candidates with a wide range of scholarships such as the Business School Scholarship, Recruited Student Scholarship (2 years), Texas Venture Labs Scholarship, Consortium, Fort and Consortium.



Haas MBA Scholarship:

The MBA Business School offers various various financial aid to Indian and international candidates such as Haas Achievement Award, Diversity Scholarship, and Marketing Scholarship. These plans range from tuition fees up to $ 50,000.


Yale Mon:

Yale SOM Business School provides MBA with need-based financial aid for Indian and international students, provided in the form of scholarships, aid and loans. Scholarship amounts range from S50,000 to $ 61,000.


Kellogg MBA Scholarship

Kellogg Business School offers various scholarships to Indian and international students, including merit-based and need-based scholarships. All candidates who make their way will be automatically considered as merit-based scholarship students.


Tuck MBA Scholarship:

The Tuck School of Business grants Indian and international students with both merit-based and need-based scholarships. Scholarship amount varies from $ 5,000 to full tuition fees. In addition, business schools also accept loan options. The criteria for the scholarship will be based on exemplary academic performance and leadership qualities

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