What is best course in MBA that have demand in India?

MBA is one of the most popular fields of study and many students choose MBA after graduation as a career option. The Master of Business Administration is about learning all business principles such as accounting, marketing, finance etc.

The list of 5 most demanding specializations in India is as follows: -


1. MBA in Marketing:

This is a powerful addition to the MBA curriculum list. Marketing, advertising and public relations are the three pillars on which this MBA is based.

While studying this MBA course, you will mainly learn about:

• Marketing strategies

• Consumer Behaviour

• Sales and Distribution Management

• Business to Business (B2B) Marketing

• Product Management

You need to develop your marketing skills and make them more influential over a period of time. To sum up, you are taught the useful aspects of marketing management and how to apply them to business development.

Career Scope: If you hold an MBA in Marketing from a recognized college / university then it is easy to enter the corporate world. You can proceed to enroll as a Marketing Manager, Marketing Strategist, PR Manager or Marketing Expert for that matter.

What is best course in MBA that have demand in India?


2. MBA in Finance and Accounting:

The MBA in Finance or MBA in Finance and Accounting is the top pick, the most popular among management candidates. In fact, it is one of the most sought after MBA specializations in India as well as abroad.

If you move in this direction, you will gather knowledge and specialize in:

• Banking

• Corporate finance

• Capital markets

• Financial Accounting

• International Finance.

• Management Accounting

• Money market.

• Corporate governance

Basically, you become a dynamic finance professional learning minute details on complex financial topics. Depending on the college / university you wish to pursue this course, you can do an MBA in Finance or an MBA in Finance and Accounting.

Career Scope: After completing MBA Finance, you can give yourself a good job in financial institutions, banking sector, corporate and international finance sectors.



3. MBA in Information Technology:

An all-time favorite for IT professionals, an MBA in IT gives new dimensions to their careers. Smart and qualified managers are needed to handle large teams and complex projects. Therefore, in this technologically advanced world, the importance of an IT expert and a competent manager cannot be ignored.

An MBA in IT helps you acquire the following additional skills to easily manage cumbersome tasks:

• Managerial decision making

• Services delivered globally

• Project planning

• Project design

• Implementation

• IT and business and its impact on various sectors

Therefore, an MBA in Information Technology (IT) prepares you to be the IT Manager of the future. It helps you to have the necessary knowledge to run and manage business and diverse technical projects.

Career Scope: If you are lucky enough to get an MBA in IT from a top business school in India, things get much simpler. You can climb the IT and managerial ladder by hand. Technology combined with management skills is a strong foundation for a lucrative career in itself.


4. MBA in Human Resource Management (HR)

MBA in HR is another demanding career option for MBA candidates. If you look forward to becoming an important part of the HR department, its functions and HR strategies, then this is for you. You get trained to manage the workforce in an organization. Some colleges may offer a minor version known as an MBA in organizational behavior and human resources.

An MBA in HR basically gives you an overview as well as insight:

• Leadership skills

• Cultural and Organizational Diversity Management

• Workforce management

• Organizational Behavior

• Personal values ​​and attitudes

You learn about employee psychology and how to manage demand and supply in labor markets.

Career Scope: However, you can get a good start. But, you have to have good communication skills and great leadership qualities to climb the ladder of success in the HR field.


5. MBA in International Business (IB)

MBA in International Business has also gained traction over the years. The globalization and rise of multinational corporations has led to the emergence and preference of such courses. An MBA at IB provides you with in-depth knowledge on the organizational skills required for international operations.

While pursuing this MBA course, you will have access to:

• International marketing

• International Logistics

• Foreign Exchange Management

• Export and Import Management

• International Finance

Therefore, you will learn to manage international operations and global customers. MBA with a focus mainly on multinationals and international business.

Career Scope: Achieving success in this field is not so easy. You have to put extra effort and effort to become familiar with international markets. If you do an MBA course from a top university / college, then you have increased your chances of a brighter job.


Apart from these, there are many experts. These are preferably on most demand in India.


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