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Friday, September 17, 2021

learn about Internet of things (IOT) and its Architectural

In this article, we are going to discuss about Internet of things (IOT) and its is Architectural


What is Internet of things(IOT)


INTERNET – We know that internet is a network which use collects the information and communication.

THINGS – All types of Things have surrounding us which use for daily basis like – TV, AC, WASHING MACHINE, FRIDGE , LIFT , FAN, COOLER that’s all things are connected by internet that’s called IOT ( internet of things ).

For example

1.  suppose that our AC is on that time we got urgent call for going outside that time we have forgot the AC OFF but after some time we got a notification at our phone then we can switch OFF AC by phone due internet

2.  Suppose that we have no. of appliance which are connected at phone by IOT, that time we have to unique ID for each appliance .

3. Communication is part which through we can operate the IOT.

4. Sensor always connected with each things which do we want to operate by IOT, sensor continue monitor the particular thing.

5.   Mobile is main operation which through we can do manage all things.

IOT use many fields like industry, health care and traffic control etc.

Suppose that if any accident on road then traffic sensor sends the signal nearest hospital then got the all signal to particular place like hospital, traffic police.

What is Architecture of Internet of Things?

As per below image of Architecture of Internet of Things.

What is Architecture of Internet of Things

Here are five layers for IOT now we will learn about each layer.

1.  Sensors and Actuators

Any physical parameter convert into electrical signal is called sensors, Example – Temperature Sensor, Door Sensor etc. 

Actuators- which are convert electrical signal to motion signal with help of control signal is called Actuators, Example – Motor etc.

·         Devices – In IOT have two things Internet and Things. AC, TV, DOOR, FRIDGE, COOLER etc.

Like door is not anything which can generate the any signal so that we have to put any sensor at door that’s called DOOR Sensor.

Devices = THINGS + Sensor

·         GATEWAY –  Now our device should be connect to internet which are not possible to connect direct so that we need external hardware those will connect things to internet , Suppose that we have phone which want to connect to internet by WI-FI , Bluetooth, Cellular basically for network which can transfer the data one devices to other devices through GATEWAY like RFID, WI-FI, IR, BLUETOOTH , GSM Module & NFC etc.

·         Communication –

MQTT (MASSEGE QUIEING TELEMETRY TRANSPORT) this protocol which through data transfers at our device and specially design for IOT. This protocol is very light, It can use in BIT.

·        CLOUD – Cloud there is all data store for devices , Like that we have Google cloud and apple I cloud. This is application of cloud ,

CLOUD – PAAS- Platform as a service

 SAAS –stand for software as a service

 IAAS – Infrastructure as a service





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