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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

What are circuit protection methods?

In this article, we are going to discuss about the various methods to protect the Circuit Design.


Following are the methods by which we can protect the Circuit Design.

Diode Protection

Diode Protection
As per above image of reverse power supply protection, Electrolyte Capacitor & Polyester Capacitor connected with parallel with Load in power supply, If some time power supply connected in reverse side then IC can fail so that we connect the diode in circuit, In case of wrong polarity of power supply then diode can be short only diode drop voltage maximum 0.7 voltage will be reach at IC so that we can protect the our circuit by diode for reverse voltage connected & also connected Polyester capacitor which do the filter of high frequency components so that we can protect the IC.


Resistance Protection

Resistance Protection
As per above image of reverse power supply protection, This circuit is better than above circuit because in this circuit diode drop voltage not come at IC , only some Un-regulation voltage problem, also this one is best because R is connected with C so that here is become R-C low pas filter circuit which can protect the high frequency components for IC.


Metal Oxide Varistors ( MOV )  Protection

Metal Oxide Varistors  MOV  Protection
As per above image for high voltage protection , MOV have clipping voltage when voltage is low in case  not flow any current if voltage increase then clip the voltage & increase the current .This MOV should be proper voltage with best tolerance, We don’t connect two or three MOV because when voltage increase then first MOV clip the voltage so that other MOV not required .


Tran-sorbs (Transient Voltage Suppression Diode ) Protection

Transient Voltage Suppression Diode  Protection

As per above image for surge protection by Tran-sorbs, These are working in AC & DC.

As per above image can see if we have VCC is 15V & IC is maximum  25 VCC , then we will use 20V tran-sorbs. As per above mage can see the when surge come automatically clip the voltage at 20V so that our IC will be work fine.

Freewheeling diode Protection

Freewheeling diode Protection
As per above image for circuit protection by freewheeling diode, when transistor is On then current flow in this, then transistor is OFF then current flow in relay , when we connect the diode parallel with relay coil then this diode called freewheeling diode  so that protect the relay we use the freewheeling diode in DC relay.


Ferrite Core Protection

Ferrite Core Protection
As per above image for circuit protection by ferrite core, These are use in input side & output side .When noise comes from high frequency components then spikes comes at   IC due to this IC cannot be good behavior so that for reduce the spikes we use ferrite core.



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